• Sep 26 2021

    Dog Park Meets Sports Bar, Pups Pub Opening in Orlando

    Pups Pub is a combination dog park and sports bar located in Tampa, Florida. The bar is a fully air-conditioned, fully turfed indoor dog park where dogs can be off-leash…

  • Sep 20 2021

    Common Spaying and Neutering Questions, Answered

    Getting a pet spayed or neutered is a common veterinary procedure. In fact, most pets are either spayed or neutered. But as a responsible pet parent, it’s normal to have…

  • Aug 31 2021

    4 Types of Pet-Safe Household Cleaners

    Pets are part of our families. But they can also make our homes less clean, from shed fur and dirt tracked in from outside to potty accidents. And while you…

  • Aug 31 2021

    Why Dogs Shake Their Heads

    There are many reasons your dog could be shaking their head. Sometimes, it’s just a part of normal dog behavior, especially if it’s infrequent. If your dog shakes their head…

  • Aug 31 2021

    The Owner-Dog Relationship Could Affect a Dog’s Stress Levels

    Having a pet can affect our stress levels. Even interacting with an animal can help to reduce stress in humans as well as lower blood pressure. While our pets can…

  • Jul 27 2021

    What Houseplants Are Dangerous for Pets?

    There are a lot of benefits to houseplants. They can help to keep the air in your home cleaner. Plus, they just look nice. But some houseplants can be toxic…

  • Jul 13 2021

    Studies Show COVID-19 Has Escalated the Pet Obesity Epidemic

    The number of obese adults in the United States has risen from about 15% of the population in the 1990s to almost one in every three adults by 2020. But…

  • Jun 17 2021

    Couple sitting with their dog on the couch

    Pet Ownership Has Increased Because of COVID-19

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for humans for a variety of reasons, there’s been one clear beneficiary of work-from-home and quarantine policies: our pets. Pets that were left…

  • Jun 06 2021

    Telehealth vet provides a prognosis

    New Guidelines for Veterinary Telemedicine

    Virtual healthcare has become increasingly popular in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not just human healthcare that has been affected. Veterinary care has also become increasingly virtual….

  • Jun 06 2021

    Cute pug laying on a scale

    How Can I Get My Pet to Lose Weight?

    Pet obesity has been on the rise in the past ten years. With many pet owners working from home, overfeeding has become more likely while exercising has become more difficult….