• Nov 30 2023

    a woman holding a mobile phone with a pet application in use

    Best Apps for Pet Owners

    In today’s day and age, technology can be a great tool. It can even be a great tool for pet owners looking to keep their pets safe, healthy, and cared...
  • Nov 06 2023

    dog being fed watermelon

    The Healthiest human food for pets

    Sometimes pets don’t get enough nutrition with store-bought pet food. We’ll help you understand what human food can be fed to your pets to improve their diets.
  • Sep 27 2023


    Seeing our pets become ill can be concerning. We all want them to feel healthy, and if they start to throw up it could be a sign of an underlying...
  • Sep 07 2023


    Young pets may pee everywhere, all the time. That is, until they are properly house-trained. If your pet is no longer a spring chicken and they start peeing uncontrollably, it...
  • Aug 23 2023

    woman picking up dog stool in park

    Reasons There’s Mucus in My Pet’s Stool

    While taking a close look at stool isn’t always the most fun activity, changes in your pet’s digestion can often be an indicator of a serious underlying health condition. Other...
  • Aug 07 2023

    puppy next to spilled dirt from houseplant

    Reasons Your Dog is Eating Dirt

    Sometimes our dogs do silly things, such as eating dirt. While some things they do can be funny, there may be an underlying reason that they continue to do it.
  • Jul 24 2023

    Reasons There’s Blood in My Pet’s Stool

    Your pet's stools can be an important indicator of their health. While we may not always want to observe our pets' stools, paying attention to changes in their digestion can...
  • Jul 03 2023

    Reasons my dog is eating grass

    Eating grass is a relatively common dog behavior. More than 60% of dog owners have reported their pets eating grass and some may do it as often as weekly. While...
  • Jun 19 2023

    What Should You Do if Your Pet Eats Something Toxic?

    Pets can sometimes eat foods or other things lying around that they shouldn’t. While in some cases the accidental ingestion of something other than their food isn’t cause for concern.
  • Jun 05 2023

    Reasons My Pet Is Scratching Their Ears

    Pets can scratch their ears for a variety of reasons. In most cases, scratching behaviors are normal and usually occur as a response from an outside source.