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  • Nov 07 2022

    Dog sticking its head out the window of a moving car

    How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

    Keep your dog secure to avoid accidents Read Time: 3 minutes When we think of the image of a dog in a car, we picture a playful pup joyfully sticking...
  • Oct 24 2022

    How to Prevent Pet Obesity

    How to Prevent Pet Obesity

    Don’t feed your pet too much human food Read Time: 4 minutes Obesity is one of the biggest health threats to pets. Millions of pets across the United States are...
  • Oct 17 2022

    Hilton and mars to redefine pet travel

    Hilton and Mars to Redefine Pet Travel

    Hilton is making Home2 Suites and Homewood Suites fully pet-friendly Read Time: 2 minutes Pet ownership has risen since the COVID-19 pandemic. This means more pet owners than ever before...
  • Oct 03 2022

    Helping Your Pet Settle Into a New Home

    Ease the stress of moving for your pet Read Time: 3 minutes Moving to a new home is a stressful time for everyone. There are new jobs and new schools...
  • Sep 26 2022

    How Often Should You Give Your Pet a Bath?

    Bathing frequency depends on breed and lifestyle Read Time: 4 minutes Just like humans, your pets do occasionally need a bath. How often depends on a number of factors, including...
  • Aug 31 2022

    Pros and Cons of Adopting from a Shelter

    Pros and Cons of Adopting from a Shelter

    You could save more than one animal’s life by adopting a rescue Read Time: 4 minutes There are many benefits to adopting from a shelter. However, there are also some...
  • Aug 08 2022

    Should You Crate Train Your New Puppy?

    Give your puppy a safe place to hide Read Time: 6 minutes Crate training your puppy can be beneficial to dog owners who don’t want to leave their puppy unsupervised...
  • Jul 25 2022

    Signs of Rabies in a Dog

    Signs of Rabies in a Dog

    Rabies is a deadly virus that spreads through animal bites. It can impact both animals and humans and causes the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed. Rabies is usually...
  • Jun 29 2022

    How to Keep Your Dog Safe from the Summer Heat

    How to Keep Your Dog Safe from the Summer Heat

    While summer is an excellent time to get outside and play with your dog because the weather is nice, the heat can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for your beloved...
  • Apr 28 2022

    Is Your Puppy Sick or Just Tired?

    When it comes to puppies, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether they’re sick or whether they’re just tired. Puppies are growing dogs and can use up a lot...