• Jun 17 2021

    Couple sitting with their dog on the couch

    Pet Ownership Has Increased Because of COVID-19

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for humans for a variety of reasons, there’s been one clear beneficiary of work-from-home and quarantine policies: our pets. Pets that were left…

  • Jun 06 2021

    Telehealth vet provides a prognosis

    New Guidelines for Veterinary Telemedicine

    Virtual healthcare has become increasingly popular in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not just human healthcare that has been affected. Veterinary care has also become increasingly virtual….

  • Jun 06 2021

    Cute pug laying on a scale

    How Can I Get My Pet to Lose Weight?

    Pet obesity has been on the rise in the past ten years. With many pet owners working from home, overfeeding has become more likely while exercising has become more difficult….

  • May 31 2021

    Overweight pug looking upwards

    Rise in Pet Obesity

    Obesity rates in humans have been increasing across the US. Now, more than 40% of American adults suffer from obesity. It can be dangerous to people’s health. Obesity isn’t only…

  • May 24 2021

    a kitten and a puppy sitting together

    Cat vs Dog: Which Pet Is Best for Me?

    Cats vs dogs. The conflict has even made its way into the English language, in the form of the idiom “fighting like cats and dogs.” And while cats and dogs…

  • Apr 24 2021

    Dog being groomed

    How Grooming Helps your Dog’s Health

    Getting your dog groomed may seem like a cosmetic issue. However, dog grooming is much more than that. Regular grooming is essential to your dog’s overall health. Not only does…

  • Apr 05 2021

    Veterinary with a dog for a review in the clinic

    How Often Should You Take your Dog to the Vet?

    Taking your dog to the vet is important for keeping your pet healthy. Just like people go to the doctor for checkups and to the hospital for emergencies, dogs need…

  • Mar 22 2021

    Four dogs playing outside

    Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

    Dogs can have habits and exhibit strange behavior. This can range from drinking from the toilet, rolling around in the mud, and sniffing other dogs, However, the most repulsive canine…

  • Mar 03 2021

    What Can Dogs Not Eat?

    Your dog is a member of your family. It’s also very cute and when it begs for food at the dinner table, it’s hard to resist the temptation to feed…

  • Jan 11 2021

    Why Is My Dog Shaking?

    We understand why you’re concerned when your dog starts to shake or shiver. Fortunately, the cause may not be as severe as your immediate worries. Dogs will tremble, shiver, and…