Emergency Vet Service

Is your pet having an emergency? Call us immediately and we’ll help you through it. Please call us before bringing your pet in so that we can get everything set up for their arrival and get them feeling better even faster.

(407) 217-7635
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It’s a sad fact of pet ownership. Your cat or dog may suddenly get sick or injured. When that happens, you need a veterinarian you can count on to provide immediate quality care. Windermere’s Emergency Vet Center is ideal for new patients and established clients who require emergency pet care.

We know the strong bond that you have with your pet. Cats and dogs are no longer just companions. They’re cherished members of your family. We want to prolong your relationship by providing the very best medical care possible. That means providing routine checkups. And emergency services.

Windermere Veterinary Services is ready and waiting to give your Golden Retriever or Siamese the prompt attention they deserve in the event of a vet emergency. Our state-of-the-art facilities are open extended hours, 7 days a week to serve you. A caring and qualified staff member is always on hand to answer your calls. And we ensure that proper measures are taken to maintain your pet’s health and safety.

We know a sick or hurt pet is stressful for you and your family. We’re compassionate and animals lovers so our caring veterinary staff is here to help you cope with this difficult time, and speed your pet’s recovery.

When your pet needs immediate medical help, don’t delay. Call Windermere for all of your Emergency Vet Services.