When to start heartworm medication in puppies and kittens

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Puppies and kittens should be taking heartworm prevention medication monthly as young as 6-8 weeks old. They are just as prone to getting infected as older dogs and cats, so the prevention must start as soon as possible.

How much does heartworm medication cost?

Heartworm medication comes in 6 months worth of supplies:

Heartworm medication – $32-56

Heartworm medication & Flea Prevention – $110

Do all dogs need heartworm medication?

In Florida, all dogs need to be administered heartworm preventatives regularly. With heartworms being transferred to dogs by mosquitos, Florida is a common place for dogs to contract them.

In more northern, cooler areas, it may not be as necessary, but we still recommend protecting your dog with preventative heartworm medication. The costs of curing it are significantly more than the cost of preventing it.

Ultimately, giving your dog regular heartworm prevention medication increases the chances of your dog living the long, happy, and healthy life that they deserve.

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Does heartworm medicine have side effects?

Not all heartworm medications use the same ingredients, so different breeds can react to them differently. Speak to your vet about which medicine is best for your dog based on their breed, age, and health.

Our Orlando veterinarian Dr. Qasim understands all of these potential threats and can prescribe the best medication for your pet.

There is no cure for kittens and cats with heartworms

Unfortunately, there is no cure for kittens or cats that have been infected with heartworms, making it even more important to get them on a heartworm preventative medication as soon as possible. While cats are less likely to contract heartworms than dogs, the symptoms aren’t often noticeable and it may cause fatal results with little to no warning.

Read more about how we can help your pet with heartworm medication.


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