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What to gather beforehand

Before Your First Visit

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, it’s time to gather any documents you have pertaining to your pet’s health history. These include medical, vaccination, and adoption records. If you haven’t already, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Checking overall health, head-to-toe

During Your Pet’s First Exam

Your pet’s first exam will give you an overall view of your pet’s health. This is a great time to ask questions or voice concerns about your pet’s health. Your pet’s veterinarian will ask you about your pet’s diet and activities. They will also go over vaccinations, parasite preventions, and dental care.

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What to expect during the first appointment

1. Check-in with your pet at the front desk

When you arrive with your pet, we may ask you to fill out basic paperwork outlining your pet’s medical history. You and your pet can relax in our lobby, designed with pet comfort in mind, while one of our technicians prepares an exam room.

2. Head to the exam room to review your pet’s vitals

One of our technicians will bring you and your pet back to an exam room. There they will review the reason for your pet’s visit and collect any questions or concerns you’d like to discuss with the veterinarian. They will also collect your pet’s vitals and weight at this time.

3. Exam by our expert veterinarian

Dr. Qasim will complete the exam on your pet and provide any necessary in-office treatments. He can answer any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s health. If your pet has diagnostic testing or x-rays taken you may wait in the comfort of our exam room for results.

4. Review treatment plan

Due to our advanced in-house technology we can run tests and provide treatment plans same-day. After we receive the results of any testing and your pet’s veterinarian finalizes their treatment plan, a technician will review any medications or treatments prescribed to your pet.

5. Pay and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments

Once your pet’s exam is complete, our receptionists can assist you with processing your payment and scheduling you for any necessary follow-up appointments.

Windermere’s Top Veterinarian

Meet Dr. Qasim

Our vet Dr. Bilal Qasim (DVM) has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 17 years. Selecting the most talented and caring members for his team, Windermere Veterinary Services employs some of the nation’s finest veterinary professionals that encompass a wide range of specialties and backgrounds.

With different ways to look after your pet, Dr. Qasim is able to provide a complete circle of care for your pet.

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Dr. Qasim Veterinarian
Windermere Veterinary Services team

7315 Winter Garden Vineland Rd #109
Windermere, FL 34786

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We're Located in Windermere

We serve the Windermere area from our conveniently located office. We keep our clinic clean, organized, and welcoming to even the most nervous of pets.

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7315 Winter Garden Vineland Rd #109
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